Rayat & Bahra College of Education
Mohali Campus
Permanently affiliated to Punjabi University, Patiala.
Accredited by NAAC with A Grade


Student-centred learning

The focus is on the needs, abilities, and interests of prospective teachers and teacher educators. The participatory activities which facilitates student centred learning are as follows:  

  1. Institute Ensures a Democratic Environment: For increased responsibility and accountability on the part of the student, democratic practices are propagated in the institution. To ensure democratic processes, student council is constituted consisting of president, vice president, secretary, joint secretary, cashier, class representatives and executive members
  2. Student Centered Methodologies of Teaching: Along with the conventional lectures, dialogue method, discussions, seminars, classroom workshops, quizzes, are encouraged. 
  3. The Reliance on Active Rather than Passive Learning: Through assignments, individual and group projects, role play, simulations, team teaching and collaborative peer teaching enabling them to manage and share their knowledge and consequently have equal responsibility for learning
  4. An Increased Sense of Autonomy: The usage of various learning resources mainly computer laboratory, language laboratory, information and communication technology resource centre, Art and Craft resource centre, mathematics resource centre, Science/ Home Science resource centre, LIFE (Learning in informal and formal environments) Centre etc. is made available to the prospective teachers and teacher educators for the skill development and knowledge enhancement
  5. Active Learning through the Experiential Mode: There is an emphasis on deep learning and understanding through a wide range of powerful field experiences and weekend programmes. By participating in these programs the learner experiences confluence in their education (affective and cognitive domains flow together)
  6. Reflexive Approach to Teaching Learning: Tutorial groups, mentor programs  and various cells for prospective teachers and teacher educators enables them to discuss, deliberate and take up social, environmental and academic issues
  7. Powerful Field Experiences: Sustained and continuous efforts are made to shift the focus from classroom teacher-centered pedagogy to field work learner-centered approach by introducing project work, arranging educational tours, surveys, case studies, etc
  8. Peer Teaching: Prospective teachers and teacher educators prepare, plan and teach topics from the syllabus which contributes to self-management of knowledge
  9.  Assignments Based on Policies, Issues and Concerns in Education: Surveys and Case Studies are undertaken by prospective teacher educators to address the challenges in education. Dissertation work is taken by prospective teacher educators as an optional paper wherein research is conducted in identified thrust areas
  10. Preparation of Teaching Aids: Emphasis is laid on planning, preparing cost effective models, charts, maps, posters and power point presentations to be used as teaching aids by the prospective teachers in simulated and practice teaching
  11. Activities of Practice Teaching: The prospective teachers are encouraged and expected to use innovative methodologies. They plan and conduct various activities based on the themes of social equity, environment, HIV-AIDS awareness etc. and maintain its record. They also organise and participate in the school morning assembly
  12. Community Work:  Activities organised through N.S.S unit fosters understanding of the social, cultural and economic realities; gender equity and other social values. The self management of knowledge and developing altruistic insight promotes growth, development and inculcate values within them

Visit to Bank for teaching of Commerce and Economic Students; visit to Museum by teaching of Social studies; Et at TTI and G & C at Counselling centers prospective to visited TTI .


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